Guwahati City roads to be regulated for specific vehicles

Guwahati City


GUWAHATI, July 29: In an effort to tackle the increasing traffic congestion in and around the city, a ‘Traffic Study’ under the aegis of the Police Commissionerate (Traffic) has been under way. It is speculated that the findings of the study will be materialized by signifying potential roads to be regulated for specific vehicles including both commercial and domestic one.

Notably, there are 38 roads which are categorically allowed for commercial vehicles in Guwahati. However, most of these existing roads are not regularly utilized. Due to diversion and regular plying on certain roads as per the whims and fancies of the drivers, these city roads have been subjected to damages as well as leading to traffic congestion.

Hence, the planning and materialization of a new traffic guideline for commercial vehicles based on the findings of the study is expected to reduce the congestion. In Guwahati alone, there are 10 lakh registered vehicles out of which 56 thousands are commercial vehicles. Moreover, out of 56 thousands, 40 thousands are trucks while 1281 are city buses.