Guwahati Municipal Corporation Councilors alleged delay in fund release by the Government

Guwahati Municipal Corporation


GUWAHATI, July 21: With the tenure of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) Council going to expire on July 31 this year, the councilors have alleged that the government has been very slow in release of funds.
On condition of anonymity, a ward councilor said, “The government allotted funds very late which made it difficult to develop the roads and other infrastructure in wards.” He said that whatever funds the GMC releases for ward development is directly given to the contractors.

Rs 30 lakh each was released to the councilors of 31 wards in 2014 and almost all of them spent the entire money in repairing only a few roads in their respective wards. The councilors submitted further requirements and received any funds amounting to Rs 60 lakh each in August 2016. That amounts were also utilized for construction of drains and repairing of some roads. The councilors say that they require at least Rs 30 crore each.
Moreover, they received a sanction of Rs 1.30 crore in 2017 and works under that sanction is still underway. Also, as revealed by another councilor, even after the sanction the contractors do not receive money on time resulting in delay of work.