Heavy Shower Leads Rainwater to Flow over NH-37 Near Jorabat on Friday

heavy shower
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DIMORIA: A heavy shower on Friday evening hit the residents as well as the commoners along the National Highway-37 near Jorabat. The incessant rain and the eventual flood turned so turbulent in the area that no vehicles could pass through for hours. Areas like 9 Mile, 10 Mile, 11 Mile, 13 Mile and 14 Mile along the NH-37 were so overflowed that the residents could not move from their respective homes. Moreover, numbers of vehicles remained stuck amidst the flood water. Notably, these areas have been more or less on the limelight for the same reason after almost a regular interval of time. In response to the media reports, a team of the Kamrup (M) district administration along with the NHAI visited the area and committed to step up preventive measures. However, nothing has come up to rescue the residents of Jorabat.