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How many fake PhDs abound in our colleges?

GUWAHATI, June 16: The Centre’s decision to make PhD mandatory for college teachers’ promotion and salary increment has put Assam in a fix with many teachers working with fake degrees. The government will now consider only those college teachers for promotion and salary hike who have PhDs. The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has approved the UGC’s new rules.

“The development has put the State Higher Education Department in a fix as many college faculty members are allegedly having fake PhD degrees. The department has no idea as how many teachers are currently having such fake degrees. If such fake degree holders are not detected on time, many undeserving teachers might be recommended for promotion and salary hike in the days to come,” a source said.

In April this year, the Higher Education Department decided to form a committee to identify teachers serving with fake PhD degrees in various colleges.

“The State government will take action on those who are working with fake PhD degrees. We will form a committee which will check all the cases one by one,” cabinet minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, who was holding the education portfolio in April, had said.

The State Government then even informed the Assembly that a large number of teachers, whose posts were regularized recently, had obtained PhD degrees from institutions like Magadh University and Vinayak University that were doubtful and had to be verified.

On other hand, the government is investigating the educational qualifications of nearly 35 college principals following complaints that they had allegedly submitted fake PhD certificates or taken doctorate degrees from dubious universities from outside the State.

“Under such circumstances, it will be a tough time for Dispur to follow or not to follow the new rule for promotion of college teachers. Unless these fake degree holders are detected, it will be difficult to follow the new regulation,” the source pointed out.