How Safe Are City Roads? City Bus Knocks Girl Dead Near ABC Bus Stop

City Bus


GUWAHATI: A woman, a mother of two children, was hit by a city bus near ABC bus stop on the GS Road in Guwahati on Tuesday. The woman, who was immediately taken to the GMCH (Gauhati Medical College & Hospital), succumbed to the injuries she had received.

What is worrisome is the rising number of such accidents in the city.

Even as the police maintain that the woman was struck by a bus near the ABC bus stop when she was crossing the road, a few eyewitnesses doing business in the area tell a different version of the accident. When asked by this reporter, they alleged that the woman fell and injured while getting down from the bus. It, according to the allegation, happened as the bus was started before the woman could get down from it. She breathed her last in the GMCH. The Bhangagarh police seized the bus (AS01GC8313) and arrested its driver. Only a diary was recovered from the woman.

City bus drivers competing among themselves to go ahead so as to gain advantage in picking up passengers is a common scene in Guwahati. Such unhealthy competitions on the road often lead to accidents.