How to get rid of mosquitoes without pesticide use

Toronto, June 18: Researchers have discovered a cheap and pesticide-free way to combat mosquito populations and to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases. According to the study, controlling the mosquitoes at the larval stage may be the best strategy to reduce their population. The researchers showed that introducing hungry minnows — small freshwater fish — into bodies of water where mosquitoes breed, can dramatically decrease the number of adult mosquitoes, especially those capable of carrying the West Nile disease. In the study the team introduced minnow fish into ten treatment reservoirs and also monitored an additional six non-treated reservoirs. The findings showed that treatment ponds suppressed levels of mosquito larva over each season compared to controls with a model-predicted 114 per cent decrease in larva density within treatment ponds. The results may also be used to improve human health. (IANS)