‘Human Trafficking a Vile Crime that Feeds on Inequalities, Instability and Conflict’ Says Kokrajhar Based NGO Chairperson Digambar Narzary,Assam

World Day against Human trafficking

Our Correspondent

KOKRAJHAR, July 31: Nedan Foundation, a Kokrajhar based NGO which has been working against human trafficking for more than a decade, celebrated the World Day against Trafficking in Persons on Monday at Chandrapara under the banner ‘Walking Towards Creating a World Free of Trafficking in Persons’. In the programme, inmates of a destination home for girls and people from nearby areas also took part.

Chairperson of Nedan Foundation, Digambar Narzary said in his speech, “World Day against Trafficking in Persons is celebrated across the globe with various programmes. Behind each victim lies sufferings and experiences which should be appropriately addressed and prevented. Globally, an estimated number of 1.2 million children are trafficked every year out of 2.45 million people. Human trafficking takes many forms and knows no borders. Human traffickers often operate with impunity, with their crimes receiving not nearly enough attention.” He added, “We have been observing the appalling trade in human organs. This situation must be changed and people should come forward and join hands to create a world free of trafficking in persons.”

Narzary said trafficking in persons was a vile crime that fed on inequalities, instability and conflict. Human traffickers profit from people’s hopes and despair. They prey on the vulnerable and rob them of their fundamental rights. Children and young people, migrants and refugees are especially susceptible, he said, adding that women and girls were targeted again and again. He also hoped that brutal sexual exploitation, including involuntary prostitution, forced marriage and sexual slavery, would be tackled with iron hands.