Id-ul-fitr celebrated with great pomp and gaiety

A correspondent
JORHAT, June 16: Id-ul-fitr was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety in the district of Jorhat including nook and corner of the Mohammadean community dominated areas.

Along with the distribution of sewaya( a sweet delicacy) a cultural functions was also held on the occasion. This was followed by a special namaj programme held at Idgaah on the bank of historic Rajmao Pukhuri here on Saturday.
The morning Namaj was read out by Imam Abdul Haseeb Rehmani from Rajabari Mushjid, while Maulanan Sakir Ahmed imam from Lichubari was the second to read out prayer.

The district prayer meet was held at Tarajan Musjid, Rajabari, Cinnamora, Lichubari, Jail Road, Charaiubahi, Sadar Ali, Seouni Ali, Kakojan, Melamati, Pulibor, Old Balibat, New Balibat, Dhakaipatty, Mouhbondha, Na-Ali Sardar Ali.
People throng to attend the holy prayer after fasting for a month during the holy month of Ramjan and people from the community greeted each other and even distributed alms to the poor and needy who assembled near most of the mosque, said Arshad Rehman, an organizer from Lichubari Mushjid Id celebration committee.

A Correspondent
TANGLA: Along with rest of the State and the country, Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated with religious fervour in various parts of Udalguri, especially in Tangla, Kalaigaon, Panery, Dimakuchi etc. Devout Muslim men and children dressed in their traditional best thronged Eidgahs for special prayers to mark the culmination of the fasting holy month of Ramadan on Saturday. A considerable congregation of devout Muslims participated in the special prayers held in the Bara Masjid Idgah Maidan in Tangla where the prayer was led by Maulana Mohammed Samaun Ahmed Noori. Maulana Rezakul Islam led the prayers held in Banseria Eidgah Maidan on the outskirts of Tangla town. Sermons were delivered on the uniqueness of Ramadan fasting and for the people to work for communal amity. Children were also seen gripped in festive mood and dressed in colorful attire.

The highlight of Ramadan Eid is the special poor rate (Fitra) being given to the poor. This charity is given on the day of Eid to enable even the underprivileged ones to participate in the celebrations. Muslims before attending prayers distributed the poor rate. Members of other ommunities also offered greetings to their Muslim friends outside eidgahs and visited households for feasting.