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‘If Beef Eating Stops, Lynching will End’: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Indresh Kumar

Senior RSS leader, Indresh Kumar said on Monday that crimes of ‘Satan’ like assault and lynching will come to an end if people stopped consuming beef. Days after a man was lynched in Rajasthan’s Alwar district on the suspicion of smuggling cows, Kumar commented on it.

According to PTI, Kumar said during a press conference in Ranchi that mob lynching cannot be welcomed. Many such crimes of Satan could be stopped if the practice of eating cow meat is stopped. “Even if a law is in position and the government took necessary measures to stop such incidents, society needs the right value to deal with it,” Kumar said.

According to Kumar, who is an executive member of the RSS stated that cow slaughter is not approved by any religion. He also said that no single religion in the world approves of killing the cows. Either it is Christianity, which talks of ‘holy cow’ because Jesus was born in a cow-shed or it is Islam, where killing of cows is banned in Medina and Mecca; or any other religion, killing of cows is not approved anywhere.

Last week’s assault on social activist, Agnivesh, who was thrashed by the members of fringe groups in Jharkhand’s Pakur district for allegedly speaking against Hindus was criticized by Kumar. He said that it was wrong and condemnable, but also that nobody has the right to hurt others’ sentiments in the name of freedom of expression. He also said that calling all Hindus communal was similar to labelling all religions with the same tag.

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