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Importance of Role Play

Childhood is always full of playing and games, and among all the games in the childhood, the most exciting game has always been, “Ghar Ghar” and its similar versions like a spaceship, film star’s house, zoo, etc. When you were a child, you would become a housewife, teacher, doctor, animal, etc. and act accordingly.

The group used to assume a set, and that’s how they used to pretend play. It’s fun and innovative. Here are five reasons that will tell you why such pretend role plays are important in a child’s growth.

Enhances Creativity: Their imaginative skills help them in having fun. They recreate stories, persons or characters and come up with creative solutions.

Improvement in language & voice skills: While enacting, a child would need to deliver some dialogues in different situations. This will help him improve his understanding the situations, narrative and storytelling skills.

Social skills: Playing or working in a group improves the social skills (with friends, imaginary friends, and siblings). They start bonding with the group and know their own preferred group.

Problem solving: During role-playing they encounter with problems, challenges, and situations that are far-fetched considering their age, but they try solving them. It usually happens when the children play their parents’ role and react similar to the way parents would opt when faced with a situation like this.

Self-control: Since every child has to play a character within the limits, they learn how to understand a character, role and responsibilities, and so on.