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Inclement weather hampers the rescue operations of the 13 dead air-warriors at wreckage site

AN-32 aircraft
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Guwahati: The recovery process of the mortal remains and other important factors recovered from the crash site of the AN-32 aircraft has new updates now. Although this was stated earlier that all the 13 bodies along with the black box were recovered at the wreckage site after being discovered through massive search operations, but the news so far is that the mortal remains have not been airlifted till now. This was being stated earlier that the mortal remains and other things will be airlifted.

The Indian Air Force, in its official statement released lately, has stated that the rescue efforts of the AN 32 remains had started early morning on Saturday but the inclement weather has posed as a great hamper in the process. The IAF has kept the Cheetah & ALH Helicopters on standby but despite that, the poor weather conditions are not allowing them to take a flight. The rescue operation can be commenced once and when the weather improves.

As the crash site at present is having rain with low clouds over it, the IAF helicopters have not been able to fly. The efforts on part of the IAF rescue forces are continuous and tireless so that the families of the deceased IAF personnel can get the mortal remains back. The ill-fated family members of the martyrs are being constantly informed and updated by the IAF and also made aware of the challenges posed by the inclement weather.

Earlier, an IAF chopper had first located the wreckage of the plane which is based at a height of 12,000 ft near Gatte village. The crash site is located on the border of Siang and Shi-Yomi districts. It took eight days for the rescuers to locate the wreckage of the flight following a massive search operation. The search operation included aircraft, choppers and ground forces.


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