‘India, US should focus on strategic partnership’

 New Delhi, April 9: The US should should think beyond trade in its relationship with India and should see it as a land of opportunity because of its geo-strategic location, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav said on Monday. The senior Bharatiya Jata Party leader said India was important for the US because of its geo-strategic location as it stood right between two regions — a region of challenge and a region of opportunity.

“On its west is the region of challenge, volatility, instability, violence and terror. To the east, there is opportunity in the Indian Ocean Region and Indo-Pacific region. India should be looked at as a land of opportunity,” Madhav said during a discussion organised by US-India Business Council (USIBC). He said when Dold Trump took over as the US President, India’s concern was that the relationship between the two countries will become transactiol. This transactiol ture of the relationship needs to be addressed, he said.
“India and the US are tural allies. They are strategic partners. Trade is a big thing between the two countries but trade is not the only relationship between the two countries… But beyond trade, there is a very important strategic partnership,” Madhav said. He added that the 21st century challenge for the US lies in the Indo-Pacific region and to tackle that challenge, New Delhi stands as an opportunity for Washington. He also stressed on the need for a clear US policy for the Indio-Pacific region. (IANS)