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India Vs England Test: Virat Kohli Vanquishes over Past Failures

Virat Kohli

Guwahati: Indian Skipper Virat Kohli played an awesome spell of 149 against the hosts to score his first century against England. Kohli has been through a lot whenever his past performance against the Englishmen came up. The Indian skipper had scored just 134 runs off 10 innings in 2014 against English.

Virat Kohli ‘s arrogance on and off the field does invite him castigations, but the English players live up to the expectations of the “Gentlemen’s Game” and praise his talent whenever he casts a majestic spell on the field.

England player-turned commentator Naseer Hussain had remarked, “There goes the chance. Now see how much it costs”, when Virat Kohli was dropped on his way to the ton.

Naseer Hussain’s predictions turned right as Virat played with a mix of calmness and his innate aggression when required to score 149.

On Thursday, Virat Kohli reminded cricket fans of the majestic century by former Indian skipper Rahul Dravid in Lord’s in 2011. He too had gone without a century against the Englishmen before that historic innings.

With 8 wickets down, Team India was staggering and Virat was at 67, but he kept founding the gaps and went on to score his first ever century against England. With this century, Virat Kohli has finally succeeded in burying the ghost of “failure in England”  that had haunted him for four years.