Indian army seizes canbis on Assam and Aruchal border

Itagar, June 16: Based on specific military intelligence regarding presence of NDFB(S) terrorists actively involved in the drug trafficking, a 48 hours long major joint operation was launched by the Red Horn Division of Indian Army along with 61 SSB Battalion and Aruchal Police in village Boha. The joint operation was meticulously planned and involved security forces encircling the suspected area with total surprise of the villagers and suspects during the night.

The operation was successful and more than 300 kg of canbis (ganja) was recovered by the security forces in the general area Serfam Heights near Boha village. The village is located in the border area of Assam and Aruchal Pradesh and is notorious for canbis cultivation.

The operation has dealt a serious blow by rupturing the link between the illegal drug peddlers and terrorist organizations like NDFB and others by choking their finces. Along with the operation, the Indian Army conducted two medical camps in villages of Boha and Ankling.

More than 500 local villagers including women and children from all communities were administered with free treatment and medicines by the Indian Army Medical Officers. The villagers were appreciative of the humane and noble act of the men in olive green in ameliorating the poor medical conditions of the locals. This was stated in a press release.