Indian stents being sold at high prices in Pakistan

Lahore, Feb 1: Some government and private doctors in Pakistan are importing cheap stents from India and selling them here at higher prices, a media report said. According to Dunya News, Indian stents are the cheapest in the world and some doctors sell them by packing the stents with fake barcodes and intertiol labels after importing them from India.

“The Indian stents that cost between Rs 25 to 28 thousand are being sold for Rs 3 to 3.5 lakh by the doctors in this filthy act,” the news portal said on Wednesday. The Indian stents are also available in different hospitals of Pakistan under fake mes.

“The investigation teams have demanded the record of barcodes of stents from the hospitals, as every stent has a unique barcode which doctors are bound to keep in their records. The details of the stent and its company can be traced through the barcode,” it added.

Some doctors are reportedly putting stents in patients even if there is no need of it, just for their greed for money, it said. (IANS)