IndianOil repairs section of Mathura-Jalandhar pipeline

New Delhi, Feb 26: State-run Indian Oil Corporation (IndianOil) on Saturday said that it has repaired and restored a section of its Mathura-Jalandhar pipeline where illegal tapping was detected.

“IndianOil has repaired and restored the Mathura-Delhi section of its Mathura-Jalandhar pipeline, where an instance of illegal tapping was detected on February 17 morning, and put it (pipeline) back into service the same night to ensure uninterrupted transport of petroleum products,” the company said in a statement. According to the oil marketing company, its security guards patrolling the R.K. Puram area of Mathura found illegal tapping of the pipeline being carried out through a 15-foot deep tunnel on February 17.

It said an FIR has been lodged and the case is under investigation. The about 535-km-long Mathura-Jalandhar pipeline, via Delhi, Panipat and Ambala, transports finished products from the company’s Mathura refinery to various consumption centres of Delhi, UP, Harya, Uttarakhand and Punjab.  (IANS)