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Indonesia Earthquake: Death toll rises to 387, thousands displaced

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Guwahati: The earthquake that struck Lombok island of Indonesia last week is still haunting the country with authorities revealing the death count to be 387 on Saturday.

According to Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency around 13,668 people were injured and 378,o67 people have been displaced.

The Red Cross said that they are unable to send aids to the affected area in the northern parts of the island due to the deposition of debris and the risk

The Red Cross has said aid was struggling to reach the northern parts of the island due to debris from the quake and the burgeoning risk of landslides.
“A lot of people are displaced, and many have migrated to the hilly and mountainous areas because of fear of a tsunami,” Red Cross representative Husni Husni said.

The relief agencies have informed that it will take some time to know the full impact of the earthquake.