Inhumanity: Man throws toddler from terrace after wife gives birth to second girl in Uttar Pradesh

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An appalling incident came to light as a man, who wanted a son from his wife allegedly threw his 18-month daughter from the terrace of his home in a Uttar Pradesh village.

He did this gruesome act after his wife gave birth to another girlchild.

The toddler named Kavya, was seriously injured after the incident in Pardhauli village, under CB Ganj police station. She was admitted to the hospital immediately after the incident.

Locals reported about the incident at the CB Ganj police station on Thursday consequently the father Arvind Gangwar was arrested.

News Agency PTI quoted which said that tensions exploded in the Gangwar household for about five days after the accused’s wife gave birth to a daughter. This induced alcoholic Arvind to take his infant daughter up to the terrace and throwing her off on Thursday.

SP (City) Abhimanyu Singh stated the police inspector in charge of the area filed an attempt to murder case following the family’s absence.

In 2016 a similar story had turned up at Jaipur when a woman belonged to an influential family killed her four-month-old daughter in an alike manner. Ensuing media reports about the case disclosed that it was her desire for a male child that drove her to commit this heinous crime. The accused however had later told police that her infant daughter had a brain disorder and she did not want her child to grow up with the disorder.