INLD will dig SYL cal; call Army if you want to: Chautala

Chandigarh, Feb 20: Upping the ante on its proposed move to start digging the Sutlej-Yamu Link (SYL) cal on the Punjab-Harya border on February 23, Harya’s main opposition party INLD on Monday said that it will go ahead with its threat even if the authorities call the Army to stop them.

“The INLD will start digging of the SYL cal even if the government calls the Army. INLD will not change its decision at any cost. The SYL cal is the lifeline of Harya and we will fight to get water for the state,” Indian tiol Lok Dal (INLD) Secretary General Abhay Chautala said in a statement here.

He said that over 6,800 panchayats (village councils) had submitted memorandums to the INLD seeking construction of the SYL cal. (ians)