Institution Of The Sentinel Trophy Into Uaga Renders A Tremendous Boost For Golfers

From Our Correspondent

DIGBOI, Feb 20:  ‘Vocabulary fails adequately express  the state of my happiness to see the Sentinel Group –one of the largest and Premier media concern rendering a tremendous boost for the cause of the golfing in Upper Assam by dedicating the Sentinel Trophy recently to Upper Assam Golf Association (UAGA)’ , remarked Siddharta Chaliha, the Secretary of UAGA,  here this evening a day after the successful conclusion of the  39th edition of All Assam Amateur Invitatiol Golf Championship (AAAIGC) here at Digboi Links.

 Talking exclusively with the reporter, Chaliha told that due mainly to the blessings, volunteer and generous act of well wishers and like minded people and organizatiol support from various fronts, the the UAGA has been holding the Championship across the territory to promote the cause of the local golfers and boost them escalating into intertiol area to be a professiol one. Terming the institution of the two new trophies dedicated by the Sentinel Group in the me of Late Hari Prasad Rajkhewa recently during the said event here in Digboi ‘immense booster’.  

Chaliha also brought into light the efforts of the organisation whereby the budding golfers from the state of Assam would be linked up with the Meghalaya Golf Promoter Society to train the budding talents so that the golfing in Assam can be given a new and effective dimension.

Meanwhile, when asked about the innovations if introduced into the UAGA and his experiences during the conduct of the Amateur Golf C’Ship in Digboi, Prantor Baruah the Intertiolly Certified Golf referee reiterated that it has been only two years that UAGA has decided to have a qualified referee for this tourment adding ‘while players at this level are not acquainted with the complicated golf rules and some are even reluctant to follow the set rules’.

However, according to him he was elated to see the general acceptance and willingness on the part of the players to abide by the same in this tourment. Baruah, who had been a part of the UAGA for sixteen years as player expressed his contentment and joy for being rendering him an opportunity by the organisation to run the event professiolly where he would give his best in the assigned area for the promotion of the golfing in Assam.

In the meantime, among the sponsors and co-sponsors of the tourment wherever it is, special mention may be made of the Mc Leod- a major tea company of Assam without whose major share of significant contribution the organisation would not have been able to reach out to such a huge number of golfers as seen today. The officials and office bearers of the UAGA acknowledging the support and boost the said tea organisation has been extending described it as ‘the lasting assets for golfing in Upper Assam’.

However, among the two trophies dedicated by the Sentinel Group included the Running Trophy and the best Stable Ford award.