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International day for the Girl Child: What does it mean for India?

Like every other year this year also the International Day for Girl Child is observed on October 11. This year’s theme is ‘With Her: A Skilled Girl Force.’

It lays stress on the need to bring together partners and stakeholders who will uphold for, turning attention to investment in building the employable capacity of young girls from
developing countries.

This is a significant day for a country like India where gender discrimination still prevails in every nook and corner.

India which is majorly a male-dominated country issues like empowering and make girls eligible for education and employment is the need of the hour.

According to a report by the Indian Today in the next decade, 600 million adolescent girls will enter the workforce. And ninety percent of those girls will be from the developing countries like India
They will likely to work in the informal sector where the pay is minimum but abuse and exploitation is maximum.

Hence, there is an urgent need to empower young girls to broaden the existing learning opportunities and create new pathways for themselves.

According to a report from Indian Human Development Survey (2012), in which 34,000 women were surveyed out of which 80 per cent of them said that they needed permission
from a family member to visit a health centre.

Skill development in girls besides employability is essential for bestowing independence in them. They should be provided with skills so that they can be emotionally, financially and physically strong.