Iraq regains control of Mosul airport

Mosul, Iraq, Feb 24: Iraqi forces seized control of the airport in the northern city of Mosul from militants of the Islamic State terror organisation after hours of fighting, a senior police official said. Iraqi federal police chief Shaker Jawdat said that Iraqi troops had reached the gates of al-Ghazlani barracks, located near the strategic airport, EFe news reported.  Jawdat pointed out that the runways, halls and facilities are already in the hands of government forces, noting that regular forces took control of Tel al-Rayan neighbourhood, one of the two districts attacked by troops on Thursday. Iraqi security forces launched a large-scale offensive on the western suburbs of Mosul. In addition to storming the airport, the army struck the nearby camp of al-Ghazlani, and the Tel al-Raman and al-Maamun neighbourhoods.  (IANS)