Irregular attendance of teachers resented

GAURISAGAR,Feb 23: The president and other members of Gaurisagar MV School maging committee on Thursday locked the main entrance of the school in association with a section of guardians for alleged irregular attendance of the teachers.  Guram Das, president of SMC,said that the teachers of the school came irregularly and it was broadly discussed in SMC meetings. Many proposals were taken for improving the situation but in vain. Finding no way,on Thursday during prayer hour at about 9 am, SMC members and a section of guardians locked the main entrance of the school. The SMC president alleged that the Hindi teacher of the school misbehaved him for taking this decision.  Having received information, Devajyoti Gogoi, Block Elementary Education Officer (BEEO), Amguri, immediately rushed to the school and discussed with Runumi Mahapurushiya, Headmistress of the school. During the discussing, the Headmistress disclosed that till prayer time only three teachers were present.  Later, the  BEEO  submitted  a report to  the District Elementary Education Officer(DEEO), Sivasagar for further action.