Is Diphu river restoration work moving in the right direction?

From a Correspondent

Hamren, Feb 12: The Save Diphu River project may just get a serious jolt. In the first phase, the authority has begun clearing both the river banks. Severe infringement of the river bank, mostly by settlers of doubtful origin, has rrowed the water course drastically. To top it all, massive deforestation in the catchment of this river will make the project of saving the river a Herculean task for the authority.

Large plants which have grown on either bank of this river have only shrunk its banks. Most households have directly linked their urils with the river, thus releasing tons of human excreta into the river, allowing the toxic waste to contamite the water further. The focal point before embarking on this mission should have been to remove these plants from the river bank. What the authority is doing right now is clearing a rrow strip (around 40 ft from the centre of the river) on either bank, leaving the settlement almost intact, which is in fact considered as the woe of this river. If the settlement is allowed to continue, no effort will be enough to save this river.

The river whose bed has abnormally swelled up due to immense deposition of municipal waste and domestic garbage, apart from the human excreta, will need excavation to restore its tural progression.