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IS Linked UK teenager Safa Boular Jailed for Life on charges of planning Terrorist activities

Safa Boular
Safa Boular

Guwahati: A British court on Friday sentenced Safa Boular, an 18-year old teenager to life imprisonment for at least 13 years. The teenager who allegedly has links to the treacherous IS terror outfits is the youngest woman to be jailed for planning terror activities on the British soil.

An Old Bailey judge who was hearing Safa’s plea said that although she was trained by an ISIL terrorist, she remained responsible for her action.

Safa Boular was found guilty of planning terror attacks to attack tourists in and around the capital city of London including the British Museum and Palace of Westminister.

Although Safa pleaded her denouncement from the terror outfit, Judge Dennis cited insufficient evidence to conclude that the IS-linked woman has transformed now and does not pose a threat to the society.

“Her views were deeply entrenched. However much she may have been influenced and drawn into her extremism, it appeared she knew what she was doing and acted with open eyes,” said Judge Dennis.

Safa was under the scanner of security departments for long. She was first held in 2016 after she returned from a holiday in Morocco. Her passport was seized, but due to lack of evidence, she was allowed to go to her London home in Vauxhall. She had earlier admitted that she wanted to go to Syria to marry Naweed Hussain, an ISIL insurgent.

For the British Museum attack, Safa and her accomplices were using “Tokarev” and “pineapple” for guns and grenades. Safa’s phone was seized which she had used to contact Nawed in Syria.

Naweed’s death in a US-Drone strike further consolidated her resolve and this was the time when security services started gathering shreds of evidence against her. Posing as online extremists, two secret service officers communicated with Safa Boular to whom she revealed her heinous plans.

She was finally arrested on April 12 last year, but by that time she had already discussed her shady aspirations with her mother Rina Dich and sister Rizaline Boular using code language inspired from Mad Hatters Tea Party.

A raid was conducted in which Rizaline was shot and injured. She admitted to planning acts of terrorism following which she was jailed for life for a minimum 16 years. Safa Boular’s mother Dich was sentenced to jail for six years and nine months and an additional five years for being an accomplice.

When in jail, Safa Balour in a mitigation to her barrister, Joel Bannathan said that she had been “groomed” to be radicalized and that she has now totally shunned such views and denounced from the Islamic faith.