Jakir leds Deepraj at a round of 1 under par

From Our Correspondent

DIGBOI, Feb 18: Guarding off his loin to lift the championship, confident looking Jakir Hussain of Misa with his magnificent show off leds the total of hundred golfers in male category carving out a round of 1 under par (71) here at the 39th edition of the All Assam Amateur Golf Championship amidst a bright and sunny morning at the picturesque, pristine and superbly maintained air-stripped Digboi Golf Links here this morning at Digboi.

Hussain was followed by Deepraj Chetiya of Margherita at 8 over par 80 while Gaurav Bajaj of Shillong had a slight chase and remained at 9 over Par 81.

The 1st day for the  C’Ship for the male segment  witnessed the participation of one hundred male golfers out of which 33 were in 0-9 handicap category while the rest 67 in 10-18 Category.

On the other hand, on the 2nd day event for the ladies, of the total 12 percipients Kayra Pao playing under 0-36 emerged as the winner after stealing Indain Corbon for the best Gross over 2 days while C Sailaja stole Indian Airlines trophy for runners-up in best Gross over 2 days.

Similarly, showcasing his magical performances and working entirely on the golfing package, Sunda Pandey in the male segment under category 19-39 Handicap swept the Warren Cup and adjudged the best Gross followed by Dr PC Goswami of Digboi who had to remain content with CMHO Cup for being the Runners Up in the row on the maiden day battle where 19 determined golfers had participated.

Meanwhile, in the skill competition carried out on the day 1, Dipu Dutta of Biswath Club at Biswath Charali won the nearest to pin at hole 2, while PC Sonowal of Dibrugarh showed off wonderfully in Staright drive in hole 5. Similarly, Neeraj Agarwal of Dinjan made his way thoroughly in the Longest Drive among the gents on whole 6 while Kaira Pao of Shillong stole the moment in Longest Drive among the ladies in whole 5.

However, S galia Marghertita swept the nearest to Pin title ship on the day 2 of the skill competition at hole 2 while Sandip Deb of Digboi maintained his top share in Straight Drive at hole 5. MP Chaliha of Zaloni in Duliajan took away the title ship in Longest Drive among the gents while Ruksha Khan of Dibrugarh sweept the Longest Drive award among the ladies category.

Among the others to leave an imprint in the 39th edition of the said c’ship includes PJ Chetiya as best Nett and Runners –up was carried away by R.N Chakraborty, while Farhan Hazarika and PC Sonowal successfully carried away the best Stable Ford and Runners-up respectively.

However, Best Boggy and Runners-up went to Deeyon Pao and Col. R.K Dewan respectively while the best Budding Golfer prize was carried away by Deeyon Pao- who added charm to the tourment. A mere boy of 7, the son of Col Panging from Shillong, being accompanied by his mother and sister all participating in the tourment expressed his elated feelings playing here in Digboi Golf Links who during an exclusive talk with The Sentinel termed his father as ‘a potential factor in my amateur golfing life’ . Brother of Kayra Pao the winner of the best Gross over 2 days who initially thought the game with a stick and ball as just something means to earn boredom, now terms the golfing as one of the ‘finest game of science with multiple scope of escalation where I can project myself as a professiol’

However, Ritamoni Hazarika and Sabee Chowdhury took away the best Nett over 2 days and Runners-up respectively in the 0-36 ladies category on the day 2 of the tourment while best Stable Ford over 2 days and Runners up was swept by Eshani Chakraborty and Jyoti Borchetia.

Meanwhile, the best Gross Day 1 and Best Gross Day 2 went to Jyoti Sharma and Deep Sodhi respectively while Best Nett Day 1 and Best Nett day 2 was earned by Ruksha Khan and A Islam. The best Nett for 36 Handicap was carried away by Jyoti Rai.

The tourment which was being played on various format including the Stable Ford and Bogey would conclude on Sunday.