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Jet Airways announces flight withdrawal from Jorhat, Silchar, Aizawl and Imphal

Jet Airways

Guwahati: Nation’s top-rated airline service provider, Jet Airways, in a move to curtail its losses, has announced that it will withdraw flight to Silchar, Jorhat, Aizawl and Imphal in the Northeast region from February 10, 2019.

As the Mumbai-based airline, despite enjoying a huge market share of passengers, has decided to slash the number of its flights. The airline has particularly targeted the routes which are less profitable and do not provide as high a return as other routes pay. Instead, the airline is planning to double the services on those routes that offer high returns.

As an outcome of this decision, the routes chosen by the airline for withdrawal of its services included quite many from the North-east region. The Jet Airways services to Silchar, Jorhat, Aizawl and Imphal, thus will be stopped from February 10, 2019.

Although the airline has taken this decision considering their losses and profits, but the impact this decision is going to leave on the passengers of these routes are going to be severe. This will not only create difficulties for the passengers in traveling at ease but will also hike the prices of the airfares of other airlines providing services on these routes.


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