Jim Bridenstine sworn in as 13th NASA Administrator

Washigton, April 24: US Vice President Mike Pence has sworn in Jim Bridenstine as the 13th NASA Administrator, the space agency said in a statement.
For his new role at NASA, Bridenstine who was the Republican Representative from Oklahoma, resigned from the House of Representatives on Monday. He is the first politician to be named as the NASA administrator.   "NASA represents the best of the United States of America. We lead, we discover, we pioneer, and we inspire. I look forward to our journey together," Bridenstine said late Monday.  Bridenstine was given the oath of office by Pence at the NASA Headquarters in Washington. "It is a great privilege for me to be here today, to be able to usher in on behalf of the President of the United States what we believe is a new chapter of renewed American leadership in space with the swearing-in of the newest Administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine," said Pence.
"Under Space Policy Directive 1, we will send American astronauts back to the Moon, and after that we will establish the capacity, with international and commercial partners, to send Americans to Mars. And NASA will lead the way." As part of the swearing-in ceremony, Pence and Bridenstine also spoke live with NASA astronauts Scott Tingle, Drew Feustel and Ricky Arnold, who currently are aboard the International Space Station.  "The appropriations bill that is now law renews focus on human spaceflight activities and expands our commercial and international partnerships. It also continues our pursuit of cutting-edge science and aeronautics breakthroughs," Bridenstine told senior agency leadership at headquarters and NASA’s centres via video teleconference. (IANS)