JNH slams Dimasa National Council for allegation against Naga rebels 

A Correspondent

Haflong, July 21: The Jadikhe Naisho Hoshom (JNH) has reacted sharply to the recent statement of the president of Dimasa National Council (DNC) that Naga rebels were allegedly committing atrocities against the Dimasas living in Nagaland. 

In a press statement, Frezer Sengyung, general secretary of Jadikhe Naisho Hoshom (JNH), said that they had a telephonic conversation with high-profile leaders of Dimasa Public Organization of Nagaland and came to know from them that no such atrocities had been carried out against the Dimasas of Nagaland by the Naga rebels. The leaders assured the JNH that the Dimasa-Naga relationship in Nagaland was based on mutual respect since time immemorial. The leaders reiterated that they wanted a peaceful conclusion to the India-Naga peace talk and they condemned the allegation made by the Dimasa National Council. 

Smelling something fishy, the JNH called a meeting of all frontal organizations and intellectuals of Dima Hasao at Dibarai in Haflong on July 19. It was found that the Dimasa National Council and their demands were not known to everyone present in the meeting as well as the people of Dima Hasao in general. The involvement of a third force was suspected behind the unrecognized movement of Dimasa National Council. 

Sengyung said that JNH, based on the consensus of the leaders of frontal organizations and intellectuals of Dima Hasao, in the greater interest of peace and development of all communities, denigrated the Dimasa National Council (DNC) and the allegation made against the Naga rebels.

 The JNH further appealed to the people of both communities to be cautious so that they do not get misled by any third force.