Jokai community-based Tourism Festival aims to boost tourism

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, April 25: With a view to boost tourism in and around the protected forest area in Jokai, the district administration, in collaboration with an NGO named Sonali Prabhat, will organize the Jokai community-based Tourism Festival, 2018, on April 29. The one-day occasion envisages involving various communities inhabiting the vicinity of the protected area, including Ahom, Sonowal Kachari, Deori, Kumar, Nepali and tea community in an effort to turn the area into a tourism hub. People from these communities, over the past four months, were given training in many domains, including that of tourist guides, so that they could be in a position to assume responsibility, project their indigenous customs, crafts as well as natural resources to the outside world, and make the concept of community-based tourism a success. Tourists as well as people coming from Dibrugarh town will be able to take part in the making of various traditional food and beverage items, including jalpan, pitha and customary drinks. Arrangements will also be made for people to participate in fishing and egg fight.