Kamal Haasan urges Modi to ‘deliver justice’ in TN

Cheni, April 12: Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan on Thursday urged Prime Minister rendra Modi to deliver justice that Tamil du is looking for amid growing political turmoil over the Cauvery water issue. As Modi arrived here on Thursday, Kamal tweeted a video and shared an open letter to the Prime Minister via social media. “You can easily deliver the justice that Tamil du is asking for, seeking,” Kamal said.
In the letter, in which he has called himself a “concerned citizen of India and Tamizh du”, Kamal said people were dismayed by the delay in setting up Cauvery Water Magement Board and wanted justice. “The Supreme Court has already performed its constitutiol role by delivering the judgement. It is now the turn of your government to perform its constitutiol duty and implement the order,” he said.
Kamal pointed out how in his earlier role as Gujarat Chief Minister, Modi had the experience of water sharing amongst four states through the rmada Control Authority. “Please do the needful as our Prime Minister and set up the Cauvery Water Magement Board to ensure implementation of the Supreme Court order in letter and spirit. “All sections of people of Tamizh du have started to believe that this delay is due to ensuing elections in Kartaka and your party’s interest in it. Sir, it is your duty as the Prime Minister to prove this wrong by immediately acting as per the Supreme Court order,” Kamal added.
He hoped that Kerala and Puducherry also get their rightful share as per the Supreme Court order and said constituting the Cauvery Water Magement Board was of “utmost importance” to ensure this. (IANS)