Karbi Anglong Police takes steps against drunken driving

From a Correspondent

HAMREN, Feb 8: The Karbi Anglong Police has taken initiative as per the SC directive to ensure that two-wheeler riders use helmets while driving. The police department has taken up this initiative to prevent road accidents and ensure safety of the bike riders as well as other people. They also appealed to the people of Karbi Anglong to cooperate. After the police department launched this helmet initiative, more than 90 per cent of two-wheeler riders have started using helmets in Karbi Anglong.

Other than this, the police department has taken another initiative to ensure that there is no drunken driving incident in Karbi Anglong. This initiative was started from Diphu, the capital town of Karbi Anglong. Police personnel now use testers to find out of drivers are under the influence of alcohol or not.  With this initiative, the police hope to reduce drunken driving in the town as well as the risk of accidents.