Kerala announces a home, Rs 5 lakh for surrendering Maoists

 Thiruvananthapuram, May 9: The Kerala government on Wednesday announced a package deal, including a house and lump sum payment of up to Rs 5 lakh, for all those Maoists, who are willing to surrender and reintegrate themselves into the mainstream. This decision was taken at the weekly cabinet meeting presided over by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, a statement issued by the Chief Minister’s office, adding the main reason for coming out with this package is to help all those who fell into the trap of the Maoists and joined them. “But the rehabilitation package will have all the necessary safeguards to ensure that there will be strict monitoring as no one will be allowed to get away after getting all the benefits. Through this package we wish to see that such people are gainfully employed,” it said.

The package has been formulated, based on the status of the surrendering Maoists, who have been divided into three categories of A, B and C. Category A are those who hold high ranks in the hierarchy and will be given Rs 5 lakh each, while those in the other two categories would be given Rs 3 lakh – in instalments. Apart from the instalment payments, special allocation of Rs 25,000 would be paid to those who get married, Rs 15,000 for those who wish to study and Rs 10,000 for three months would be given to all those who attend for vocational training to equip themselves to make them employable. (IANS)