KHADC to amend Fishery Act


SHILLONG, June 15: The KHADC in its executive committee (EC) meeting today unimously decided to amend the United Khasi Jaintia Hills District Fishery Act (2nd Amendment Bill) 2016 in the coming session slated to start on June 20.

KHADC chief PN Syiem after the EC meeting informed reporters that in the Act, disposal of noxious substance by anyone including industries and hospitals in rivers will be strictly prohibited and those in violation of the Act will be pelized with a fine of Rs 50,000 and they will also have to take up the task of cleaning all the pollutants disposed in the river.

In connection with the sudden disappearance of different fish species from many river systems as highlighted by people settling adjacent to rivers the District Council will also introduce a provision where some rivers will be declared as protected.

“The Council will also impose a strict rule against littering and polluting of river systems during fishing competitions,” he said.

On issues relating to environment and climate changes, he said the EC has also decided to bring an amendment with regards to the United Khasi Jaintia Hills Autonomous District (Magement and control of Forest) 6th  Amendment Rules, 2016.

“Under this Bill the responsibility will be entrusted to the Doarbar Shnong, Dorbar Raid and Dorbar Hima directing them not to allow the rampant felling of trees in catchment areas, 1 kilometer radius from the river sources and 20 meters from the stretches of the river bank,” he said.

Another provision amended in the rules is that 20 meters from the stretch of the river any kind of construction will not be allowed except in special cases and uvoidable circumstances the construction will be allowed but they will have to get the council’s approval.

He informed that the EC will also notify any protect forest as joint forestry magement which will jointly take care of the plantation of trees including delivering of schemes from the ministry of environment for the overall development of the locals and the environment and any village which already have the reserve forest can starts approaching the District Council.

“All these Bills and Acts will be effective once we get the assent of the Governor,” he said.