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Khasi-Jaintia organization all praise for Sonowal government

Special Correspondent
Silchar, April 22: Barak Valley Khasi-Jaintia Welfare Organization (BVKJWO) in its annual meet at the District Library auditorium in Silchar on Saturday went hammer and tongue in praise of Sarbananda Sonowal Government for giving proper focus on the various issues and problems of the indigenous tribal community in particular and people in general. Calling Sarbananda Sonowal a young, energetic and dynamic leader, leaders of the Organization while extending their hearty gratitude to him hoped much would be initiated in future also for the socio-economic amelioration of the Khasi-Jaintia community.
During the public discussion at the meet, Charles Rymbai, president of the Organization, criticized the Congress government for using the community as its vote bank to win the election and remain in power. It did not have any concern to the long pending demands and problems of the community which has left them in a lurch. As Sampson Pothmi, chief-guest on the occasion, said the former Tarun Gogoi government did not even care to address their issues and kept them hanging without initiating any moves for their redressal.
In his conversation with mediapersons on the sideline, Morningstar Suja, president, Khasi-Jaintia Students’ Union, Barak Valley circle, expected the present government to carry on its good governance and continue to pay its attention to the socio-economic problems of the community. He also held out a note of caution in the event of repeat of the attitude of neglect and discrimination as shown by the previous government towards them by the present political dispensation. Their organization would not hesitate to explore other means to ventilate their grievances.
Other members who articulated their views at the meet included Livingstone Sumer, Sebastine Parkyntein, Warles Suchiang and Dr. Moses Kharbithai who in identical tone had the hope and expectation that Sonowal government with its commitment to work for development of all would not disappoint the 1.5 lakh Khasi-Jaintias living in 375 villages across Barak Valley. The meet was graced by Wanbor Pdang, general secretary, Khasi Students’ Union, along with the executive members.
The conclave was attended by an impressive number of the representatives of the community and that added a touch of pride and glory for the organizers. The discussion and exchange of views led to the adoption of resolutions which among others demanded immediate formation of Khasi-Jaintia Development Council of Assam. It was regretted that despite having all the requisite criteria, the community has been deprived of this long standing demand. The Sonowal government would take definite steps for the formation of the council and pave the way for overall development of the community.
It reiterated allotment of land and funds for the construction of Khasi students’ hostel cum guest house at Silchar. The school and college going students of Cachar district are facing extreme difficulties and hardship to reach out to their mainstream destinations for receiving education in educational institutions from their far flung and isolated punjees. Besides, they encounter obstacles in their medical treatment and also to attend offices for their various works.
In the absence of proper safety and security and due to economic constraints, 90% students of the communities drop out from their school and college education. Their financial distress does not enable them to hire rooms on rent. It has been pointed out that a suitable plot of land related to dag no.3135 in the mouza of this town under Barakpar pargana exists which can be allotted for the construction of Khasi students’ hostel cum guest house. Lovingwell Mukhim, secretary general of the organization, ably conducted the proceedings of the meet.