Killing disservice to Islam, Kashmir: Mehbooba

Srigar, June 26: The killing of eight CRPF troopers is shameful as it happened during the holy month of Ramadan, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said on Sunday. Speaking at the wreath laying ceremony of the troopers killed on Saturday near Pampore town, she said: “I condemn the attack. I feel ashamed as a Muslim that such an incident happened during Ramadan that is observed for piety and pence.” The attack was triggered by two suicide militants of Lashkar-e-Taiba group who were also killed in the incident. “Allah has ordered that we should stay away from all bad and sinful acts during Ramadan. Such an act only defames Kashmir. “All the big countries across the world had been advising their citizens not to visit Kashmir, but they have now relaxed their travel advisories,” she said.

Mehbooba Mufti said such acts deprive mothers of their sons, sisters of their brothers and families of their livelihood. “Such acts help retard the pace of peace and development at which Jammu and Kashmir is presently moving. “The killing of people who were doing their duty brings a bad me to Kashmir and those who indulge in such acts are not doing any service to Islam,” she said.

The dead men include Sub-Inspectors Jaichandran and Sanjay Kumar, Head Constables Bir Singh and Jagtar Singh and Constables Santosh Sahu, Satish Chand, Kailash and Rajesh. As many as 22 CRPF troopers injured in the attack are being treated at an army hospital in Srigar. (IANS)