Kitchen garden: Need of the hour is to improve dietary intake


The magnitude of detrimental impurities has stretched to such an altitude that it has hugely affected our victuals causing harmful effects on our immune system and lowering our resistance power to remain healthy and strong. The recent studies on finding permanent solution to the increasing levels of humidity levels caused by global warming, the need for restructuring the age old technique of Kitchen Gardens that had been occupying a vital place in our daily lives together with planting of therapeutic foliage, is the need of the hour if the mece of global warming and climatic changes is to be fought on a global foundation.

The model of Kitchen Garden includes the traditiol system of growing herbs and vegetables in and around our dwelling abodes for increasing the dietary intake of our health system that prevents the rise of malnutrition. The pattern of budding up of Kitchen gardens  with the sowing of seasol  vegetables like carrot, cabbage, beetroot, coriander, cauliflower, gourd, palak, tomato, beans and  brinjal during winters and onion, radish, beans and lady’s finger in summers, is  a good source to increase the nutritiol value of foods and its scrumptiousness. The ensuing notion of planting of healing trees and plants like neem, tulsi and peepal, may heal us of many ailments caused by air and water effluences. Kitchen Garden, in a general idea, is to cultivate and produce seasol and low cost nutritive organic vegetables rich in nutrition to improve health as green and leafy vegetables which contain vitamins and minerals help us fight against diseases like anemia and night blindness.

However, in this concrete age where fertile lands are used for assembling sky rise edifices, the conventiol structure of setting up of Kitchen gardens, is dying in oblivion. The sole reason being rise of technology that has mechanized our life, somewhere extermiting the need of preserving our own living environment. As such nutritiol initiatives must be taken up to enunciate the importance of Kitchen Garden, as part of food diversity component, as its substance is enormous and manifold.

As a positive upshot for humanizing our mechanized and concrete habitation, with the zeal for elimiting the harmful impacts of global warming, we could beautify the spare space of our house or building like balcony, courtyard, terrace, for growing nutritious vegetables and medicil plants to improve the quality of air as plants, as we all know, breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen which is vital for our life.

The conventiol institution of Kitchen Gardens is one of the foremost steps towards realization of green environment that could be achieved by using our land or home spaces to grow nutritious vegetables and healing plants. Our daily diet that lacks essential food supplements can be summed up by intake of leafy and wholesome vegetables grown within the parameters of our homes, branded as Kitchen Gardens.

Hence, the dream of spending a hale and hearty life could be well achieved by patronizing the concept of Kitchen Gardens within the helm of our existing milieu that needs the attachment of the people at large.

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