KJBWA to issue transit pass to members

SHILLONG, Feb 10: The Khasi Jaintia Butchers Welfare Association (KJBWA) in its Executive Committee meeting held on February 7, has taken a decision to issue Transit Pass (TP) to its members which is valid for only three days. Speaking to reporters here on Friday Generous Warlarpih association general secretary said, “In the meeting we had discussed on the need to issue Transit Pass (TP) to our members as some members have been misusing it.” He informed that the TP issued to its members will be valid for only three days which includes the beginning of the main market day and that the TP will not be issued unless the owner of the product collects it persolly. “We urge our fellow members to cooperate with the new changes for the betterment of the masses,” he said. Meanwhile, Warlarpih has condemned the allegations made by Riwar Mihngi Butcher Association (RMBA) alleging that the association along with the FKJGP is operating the cattle market at Khapara. “The FKJGP is only support our demand that the government should conduct checking of cattle’s in the state,” he said. He however said that the KJBWA has never head of a butcher’s organization dealing in cattle’s going by the me of RMBA.