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Knowledge of Assamese Must for Job in the State, says Assam Sahitya Sabha


Guwahati: In a bid to combat the threat of linguistic identity looming over Assam, the Assam Sahitya Sabha has declared that the knowledge of Assamese language should be mandatory for work in the public as well as the private sector in the state.

“Right from the fourth grade to the topmost level, irrespective of being in a private or government sector, people who are working in Assam must know Assamese or any of the local mother tongues”, said Paramanda Rajbonghsi, the president of Assam Sahitya Sabha.

Interestingly, he did not shed any clarity about the mother tongues spoken in the state inhabited by twenty-eight ethnic communities. He further added, “The Assam Sahitya Sabha cannot allow the local mother tongues to die. We will not listen to anyone, anymore. This is a warning to all. Everyone must be careful.”

The government has been urged to take effective steps to make it a reality. This isn’t the first time the committee has tried to push the usage of Assamese in all establishments.