Koke expects Simeone to stay as Atletico coach

Madrid, June 20: Atletico Madrid’s Spain intertiol midfielder Jorge Resurreccion ‘Koke’ stressed on Monday how important it was for Diego Simeone to remain as coach of the football club. The disappointment of losing on pelties to Real Madrid in the Champions League fil in May, two years after they had lost the 2014 fil to their neighbours in Lisbon, appeared to hit Simeone especially hard and he said afterwards that he would need time to think about his future.

Simeone has still to commit himself publicly to coaching Atletico next season, although he recently posted a tweet in which he said he was “working from Buenos Aires”, something Koke welcomes.

“It is fundamental Simeone remains with us, he helps to give us a lot of calm,” he said in an interview on Spanish radio station, Cade Cope.

The midfielder, who is currently on intertiol duty with Spain in the European Championship, added that he had “no doubt”, that Simeone would get over the disappointment of the Champions League defeat. IANS