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Kolkata mayor’s doctor daughter Shabba Hakim and doctors across nation shows support to medico strike

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Kolkata: With the West Bengal doctors’ strike entering its third day, the situation has got more serious now as lakhs of doctors across the country have extended their support to the strike. Doctors from all over the country have decided to boycott work for a day as a mark of support and to express solidarity with their protesting colleagues in West Bengal. As latest update, Kolkata Mayor’s daughter and West Bengal minister Firhad Hakim’s daughter who is also a doctor, have lately shown her support for the strike.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s rude handling of the ongoing doctors’ strike has angered the doctors’ association even more that compels the doctors of the nation to support them. The medicos are of the opinion that they have the right to “peaceful protest” and “safety at work.

The mayor daughter, Shabba Hakim too showed her support through a Facebook post where she stated, “goons were still surrounding hospitals and beating up doctors”. She also added, “As a TMC supporter I am deeply ashamed at the inaction and the silence of our leader.”

Responding to Mamata’s threats wherein the West Bengal CM asked the doctors to go back to their duties, Sabba asks where the police officers were when the goons come to the hospitals and threaten the doctors. Aren’t the police officers responsible to ensure the security of the doctors! She also added, “Please question them that when 2 truckload of goons showed up why wasn’t back up sent immediately? Please question why goons are still surrounding hospitals and beating up doctors?”

Sabba also said in the same post that they (doctors) have a right to peaceful protest. They have a right to safety at work.”

On Thursday, the striking junior doctors across West Bengal refused to end their stir until their demands for security in government hospitals are not met. Before this, the Chief Minister came down heavily on the protesters alleging the doctors are provoked by the BJP and CPI(M).


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