Kongthong film nomited for ‘Tangible Culture’ Prize in UK

SHILLONG, Feb 1: ‘My me is Eeooow’, a film made in Kongthong village, East khasi hills Meghalaya directed by award winning filmmaker Oim Doren will have its world premiere at the 15th RAI Film Festival which will take place at Watershed in Bristol (UK), from 29 March to 1 April 2017. The film has also been nomited for the ‘tangible culture’ prize, according to a source from the festival organizers. Kongthong is a quaint little village about 60 Km away from Shillong. The inhabitants there practice a unique tradition called the Jyngwrai (Song) Iawbei. The Jyngwrai Iawbei is the practice of having musical tunes as mes in honour of the clan ancestress.