Lakhimpur DC prohibits catching and killing fish

LAKHIMPUR, April 8: District Magistrate-cum-Deputy Commissioner of Lakhimpur Dr. Jeevan B, prohibited catching and killing of fishes and tortoise in the district from April 1 to July 15 through an order served exercising his powers conferred under 144 CrPC.
With view to control the ubated catching of fishes in the district during the breeding season and to safeguard the fishes and spawn, he declared total prohibition in using borjal, mohajal, and fasijal with meshes less than 7 cm Bar/14cm mesh under section 23 of Assam Fishery Rules. Fishing nets having hole less than 7 cm square gaps and other instruments are also banned as per the declaration in the order. Further, the District Magistrate prohibited the fishing and catching of breed fish (fishes carrying eggs) including Rahu, Catla (Bahu), Mrigal, Mali (Calbasu), Chithal, Kharia, Puthi (Mukusal), Gharia and Kuhi (Ganius).