Leave travel allowance rate revised

  A Correspondent

Dibrugarh, April 30: The Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) of the sardars, watchmen (chowkidar), junior employees and the lower-grade salaried employees of all the tea estates of Brahmaputra Valley has been revised, stated a joint statement released by the chairman and general secretary of Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha (ACMS), Pawan Singh Ghatowar and Dileshwar Tanti respectively.
 As per the statement, the rate of LTA for married persons has been increased from Rs 1500 to Rs 3000, while that of unmarried employees has gone up to Rs 1500 from the previous rate of Rs 750. Further, it was stated that the new rates would be applicable with a retrospective effect from 2016, and those who had already received the LTA in 2016 as per the old rates would receive the balance amount, as a result of the new agreement, within June 30, 2018.
 The leaders, in the statement, termed the moment historic as it took as many as eight sittings for ACMS to ink an agreement with Tea Planters Association on April 25 regarding revision of LTA rates. The development would benefit around 30,000 junior-level employees of the tea estates, the statement further added.