Legislator decides to file PIL against PHE, municipal board



SHILLONG, Feb 15: South Shillong legislator Sanbor Shullai has decided to file a PIL against the Public Health Engineering (PHE) and Shillong Municipal Board if they fail to address the scarcity of Drinking Water Supply within two days.

In this regard, a letter was submitted to the Chief Engineer (PHE), Shillong and Chief Engineer Shillong Municipal Board on February 15, subjected ‘Proposed filing of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) decided in a public meeting regarding scarcity of Drinking Water Supply’.

Earlier on February 9, a letter was also sent to these two departments for holding a public meeting and Inspection for water scarcity.

The letter reads ‘Based on various complaint received from the residents of Bishnupur and Kench’s Trace area regarding water scarcity and manipulation of water distribution by the staff of Municipal and PHE Department, I am to request you and official of water work branch to attend a joint inspection to be held on February 11 to eble us to reveal the ground reality.”

He further said in the letter to the CE of both the departments “Till today there is no improvement of water supply by your department and the General Public are facing great difficulties in their day today life, despite of the fact that all residents are paying water tax to your department,” Shullai said in the letter.