Letters to Editor

False promise on ‘Pariborton’
Some of the allegations brought by the erstwhile Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi against the State BJP are not baseless. Before the last  Assembly election, the BJP  focused  on ‘Pariborton’ but in  reality, after winning the election, people feel let down  at the dismal performance  of the BJP-led State  Government This is in contrast with what the Finance  Minister  is asserting  that there is no fund crunch in State exchequer. Failures on many counts compel the people to believe that something serious is crippling the Government internally. It appears that the position of the State exchequer is far from being satisfaction. Deplorable  condition  of the roads, poor  water supply  in Guwahati, failure  to take  preventive  measures  to protect flood-affected  people from the clutches of floods are some of the  glaring  examples as to how the BJP-led Government  could not live  up to people’s expectation. One single example is enough to substantiate our contention. Recently water resource development minister  candidly  conceded that  a sum  of Rs 1600 crore  was earmarked  during the last fiscal in the Budget,  but the Centre  did not release  the amount  leaving the affected  people  languishing  in their plight. Is it Pariborton ? In the next Loksabha election in 2019 Prime Minister Narendra Modi  will find  it difficult  to seek vote  repeating  the word, Pariborton. Is it not really a step motherly behavior towards Assam?  Then again,  the ‘Big hearted ‘Nitin  Gadkari, the Union Surface  Transport Minister has always been  magnanimous about his offer  of lakhs  of crore  of rupees  for improving  the roads  of Assam. But the deplorable roads  speak for themselves the ground reality.  Will the Union Minister kindly visit the roads connecting Dibrugah and Tinsukia from Numrup? Pariborton is there no doubt, but that is only on papers. Hopefully, the new PWD Minister will show his mettle in plugging the loopholes of the department.
Ashok Bordoloi,

Kamakshya Temple needs attention
The famous Kamakhya Temple in Assam is widely accepted as one of the most powerful shaktipeeth  in the Indian subcontinent. From my early childhood, being a resident of the State, I was very much proud of polite behaviour of the Temple authorities, as well as the Pandas of the Kamakhya Temple. But, my recent visit to the temple has totally changed my faith and belief on the Temple authorities. On 21st April, 2018, the members of my family at about 10 am by taking Special Entry Coupon of Rs501 went for a darshan . But, as the line was hardly moving, we noticed that VVIPs who came for pilgrimage were given priority at the cost of general and other coupon holders and ultimately the members of my family could reach the Yoni Pith  for  darshan around 12:30 pm. It is not a fact that there were a huge  number of devotees on that particular day, which took hours together to reach the ultimate Yoni Pith  point. Over the last five decades I have been visiting the temple; but this time I noticed that too much  importance was accorded to the VVIPs/VIPs at the cost of the common devotees. Before Goddess Kamakhya all devotees are equal; so there must not be any discrimination. Further, the pandas of the temple were well known for their good manners. But that day we noticed past glories were lost in many respect. In those days the devotees were being asked to touch the holy water of Souvagya Kunda first, followed by  Bighneswara Pranam and finally they  were taken for the ultimate darshan of Yoni Pith. But the same are not being followed at all. Straightway, one is being asked to be in the queue for darshan of Yoni Pith, bypassing all the earlier procedures.
It is my fervent appeal to the Trustee Board as well as the Government of Assam to take appropriate steps for proper darshan by the common masses and they should not be sacrificed for the VVIPs/VIPs and that the queue should not be artificially blocked, which are not at all in the interest of common people.
Tapan Kumar Banerjee,
2637, Nayabad Avenue