Letters to The Editor

Letters to THE EDITOR

Whither Assam BJP?

What ails the BJP-led State government of Assam? On many counts, the State government has failed to rise to the occasion as far as expectations of the people of the State are concerned. Prices of essential commodities are soaring up unbridled, unemployment problem is assuming a very serious proportion with each passing day, candidates from outside the State are filling up government posts (particularly in the Railways with impunity), there are no effective measures for the protection of flood-affected people, and there is failure to curb corruption in departments such as Forest and Social Welfare. These are some of the weak points that the beleaguered State government suffers from.

As if all these negative signs are not enough, the recent incident of paper leakage in the written test for posts under the Panchayat and Rural Development Development at Rangia centre is a stigma on the minister concerned who failed to get things done by his bureaucrats flawlessly. It is to be seriously noted that certain accumulated negative signs of the BJP are simmering in the hearts of many people that might prove to be like the last straw on the camel’s back. It is high time the party took effective and preventive measures to do away with the shortcomings plaguing it, keeping in view the descent of the erstwhile Tarun Gogoi regime owing to similar negative gesticulation towards the people.

Incidentally, the paper leakage that rocked Assam in the last higher secondary (science) exam remains fresh in the minds of the people. One interesting point to note is that no minister would shoulder any responsibility, treating such unwarranted things as non-issues.
Ashok Bordoloi,

Murder of Democracy

The recently held panchayat polls in West Bengal were a complete ruckus. The ruling TMC government under Mamata Banerjee left no stone unturned to make the elections a bloodbath. The gundagiri resorted to by TMC goons during the polling day simply proves that Mamata Banerjee wants power at any cost. There was a wise saying: “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.” That was the benchmark earlier that Bengal had set up for the rest of the country. Now, in the present situation, West Bengal is setting a bad example to the rest of the country by murdering democracy. It has been again proved that Mamata Banerjee (unlike her name suggests) is pretty merciless.
Dr Ashim Chowdhury,
Ambari, Guwahati.

What’s the CM Doing?

This letter is actually meant for Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal. The HS Brahma Committee Report on land reforms in Assam needs urgent attention as the report talks of the great threat posed to the indigenous people of the State by the unchecked flow of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. And now, as the BJP is bent on making a law to accord Indian citizenship to Bangladeshi Hindus exclusively on the grounds of their persecution in Bangladesh, the threat is all the more serious. We cannot afford to have a Tripura-like situation in Assam. If Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal is serious about the threat, which is real, he should immediately say he and his team are completely against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016. Else he should quit.
Rakesh Baruah,