Letters to The Editor

Letters to THE EDITOR

What is RSS?
On the acceptance of invitation to attend the valedictory function of Sangh Shiksha Varg (a training camp for RSS volunteers) by former President Pranab Mukherjee, several Congress leaders like P Chidambaram, Hanumantha Rao and others forbade him from attending the function, terming RSS as a communal organization. In this regard, I would like to submit as follows:

1. The Congress leaders wanted to dictate the movement of the former constitutional head of the Government of India by vetoing on his free movement at will.

2. The former President is not to be taught about the ideology of the RSS.

3. RSS is not a communal organization. It is not against any religion. RSS’s main objective is “selfless service to the nation and struggle for Hindutva”. Hindutva is a struggle for the existence of Hinduism. Hindutva does not profess aggression towards other religions. Hindutva means treating all people with equality irrespective of caste or religion. Hindutva does not ask Muslims to stop doing namaz or their religious practices, or stop Christians from celebrating Christmas or their religious beliefs.

4. During Partition, RSS organized over 3,000 relief camps for the refugees coming from Pakistan and other Partition-affected people, and also protected the Nehru government from a possible coup by the Muslim League.

5. RSS had done exemplary voluntary work during the India-China war of 1962, which was appreciated by Nehru himself by allowing them to take part in the Republic Day parade of 1963.

6. In 1996, a Saudi Arabian Boeing 747 collided mid-air with a KazKh cargo plane killing about 400 passengers, mostly Muslims. In the absence of any government agency, NGO or Red Cross tirelessly gathered scattered bodies/body parts and gave the heads a respectable burial.

7. Has the Congress pointed out anything done by RSS that caused loss to the nation or damage to the integrity among different sections of people?

Lastly, to one who wants to sincerely understand the ideology of the RSS, it would be worth mentioning the doctrine “integral humanism” developed by the great RSS personality Deendayal Upadhyaya, which advocates “simultaneous and integrated programme of the body, mind, intellect and soul of each human being”. The aim of RSS is to cultivate a sense of true nationalism among the countrymen for nation-building.
Satyadhar Matak,
Guwahati, Assam.

No Point of Ceasefire
The central government’s decision to have ceasefire with separatists and pro-Pakistani groups in Jammu and Kashmir was completely unnecessary. The gesture shown by the government was no doubt praiseworthy as it wanted to silence the guns from its side during the holy Ramadan period. Naturally it was expected from the other side to reciprocate to the truce offer, but it has been completely reversed. The recent attack on a CRPF vehicle by miscreants in the Srinagar downtown area is a glaring example that nothing good can be expected from rogue elements. In the attack, our CRPF jawans were injured.

Any ceasefire offer has to be reciprocated because a one-sided ceasefire is completely irrelevant. The government should revoke its ceasefire order and ask our security forces to complete the cleaning of the rogue elements in Jammu and Kashmir.
Dr Ashim Chowdhury,
Ambari, Guwahati.

Countering Fake News
Fake messages, which are rumours on sensitive issues on the social media in the recent past, especially in southern India, have resulted in lynching. The law-and-order problem is a serious matter and must find a legal and social solution. Social media is quite often misused. People are exploited. Strictest regulation and action to curb harmful transmission of messages is needed in public interest. Some rules and regulations must be framed for its use in public interest. A legal action must be initiated against people who initiated such sending and who forwarded such fake messages that resulted in violence.

The public must not take seriously the social media and must get its authentication if there is any message-news against the national interest. Politicians always try to take advantage of even serious matters ignoring the national interest for their vote-bank politics. The mainstream media must come forward and counter such fake news without fail and without any delay before any mob takes law into its own hands. And the media must remember that it owes a duty towards the nation and the public at large, and at the same time must publish or telecast any news which is cent per cent authenticated. Otherwise there is no honest journalism.

Editors/ persons behind news in any print media or TV channels etc must enjoy liberty as to what to publish or telecast but should not be in direct control of their proprietors-bosses/owners.
Mahesh Kumar,
Gulmohar Park, Delhi.