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Letters to The EDITOR

Mob Lynching

The news of lynching of two youths of Guwahati in a village in Karbi Anglong district of Assam was a heart-breaking news for all of us. I was watching the news on a TV channel in the evening and suddenly I saw that the two young men were being beaten up mercilessly by a group of uncivilized people. One of the victims, Nilutpal Das, was shouting helplessly that he was an Assamese. Despite them being given his identity, how can the mob take a prompt decision to lynch him and his friend on the mere presumption of the two youth being child-lifters?
In my opinion, those who have taken law in their own hands should be given capital punishment – according to the stringent law of the land. Through this letter, we also urge the competent police authorities to take strong action against every culprit involved in the heinous crime. I also request the authorities of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council that they ensure that no such incident is repeated again in their area.
No word is enough to condemn such an incident, which has happened for the first time in Assam in the form of lynching of innocent persons simply on the mere suspicion of them being child-lifters. We offer our heart-felt condolence to the bereaved parents of the deceased and pray to the Almighty God for granting peace to the departed souls.
However, we make an appeal to all sections of the people of Assam in particular and as a whole of the northeastern region to maintain peace and brotherhood among all sections of people.
PC Saha,
Bhaskar Nagar, Guwahati.

Ban All Plastic Use
The World Environment Day was observed on June 5. The main subject of this year’s environment day was to reduce plastic pollution. With excessive use of plastic materials, it has now become a major environmental threat to us. Many countries around the world have been taking steps to ban the use of plastic and grow awareness about the peril of plastic use. Several States of India have also taken similar steps. Delhi, Sikkim, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka have banned the use of plastic bag. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have announced ban of plastic bag and bottle from March 2019. As such, I would like to request the Government of Assam too to ban the use of plastic bag, bottle etc and to take up programmes of awareness amidst people against the peril of plastic use.
Putul Sarma,
Bamgaon, Biswanath Chariali.