Letters to The EDITOR

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Building bridges between generations

This refers to the column ‘Food for thought’ published on June 23. In the modern world, the lives of elderly people have become very pathetic. When this is the time for them to receive love, care and affection from their children, they instead come face-to-face with abuses.

It is, however, laudable that the government has extended a number of facilities and benefits to the senior citizens. Some very useful suggestions have been given in the write-up. Additionally, I think the up-and coming generation also should be providedlessons regarding the significance of old age, as sooner or later they too would have to encounter similar situations in their lives. In this context, an arrangement can be made for members of the younger generation to “co-stay” with the elderly people who are either living alone or in the old-age homes.

It will serve two purposes: First, these youngsters will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the elderly people, their problems and also know how to take care of the senior citizens. As an incentive, perhaps some discounts can be given for their stay.

Second, since the elderly people are always fascinated about staying and playing with their grandsons and grand-daughters, therefore, what can be more rewarding then this kind of an arrangement!

But then considering the security and safety of the aged, this has to be done under the strict monitoring of government agency, NGOs or some social institutions.

This will work as a real-life lesson that will definitely help the youngsters to adapt themselves towards the senior citizens, change their attitudes and behaviour towards their parents and all elderly people to a great extent.
Dayal S. Sandhu,
Jayanagar, Guwahati-22.